The Xiqing Economic Development Zone
  • Date:11 05,2013 14:16

  The Xiqing Economic Development Zone (XEDA) is a provincial-level economic development area approved by Tianjin Municipal People's Government in 1992, and is eligible for enjoying the preferential policies granted to the national special economic zones. So far, the development of 16.88 square kilometer land has been completed, the total area under long-term development program is 150 square kilometers.

  The XEDA takes the leading position among the nationwide development zones in terms of investment amount and density. By the end of 2008, the XEDA has introduced 841 enterprises with a total foreign investment of US$7.00 billion, and the utilized foreign investment is US$3.9 billion. The total industrial output value of 2008 hit RMB106.3 billion, the GDP reached RMB21.1 billion, the tax revenue is RMB4.2 billion, the value of exports rose to US$8.00 billion. The economic indicators of XEDA take the first position among the development zones of districts and counties in Tianjin City.

  The XEDA is a gathering place of a number of multinational corporations, including 18 of world's top 500, ranking at the front position in terms of quantity and quality of such enterprises in North China. The major economic indicators are growing at the rate of over 30% a year, the XEDA has become one of the most dynamic and attractive development areas in China.

  In 2004, Tianjin was designated by the Ministry of Information Industry as one of nine national electronic information industry bases of China. The XEDA becomes the important part of the Base as important production area of integrated circuit, chip components and parts, mobile communication units, mew type monitors and digital household appliances. Most chip manufacturing, encapsulation and testing enterprises and almost all the electronic components enterprises and mobile phone parts enterprises are concentrated in the XEDA. The outputs of a number of electronic information products take the lead in the country. The XEDA has become a multi-functional, modern and international industrial park headed by information industry and dominated by auto supporting industries and biopharmaceutical industry. Since its establishment,

  In the new round of economic growth, the XEDA is actively integrating with the emerging Tianjin Binhai New Area to strive for becoming one of feature electronic industry bases featuring the highest industries concentration, most dynamism and best investment return in China.

  Geological Position of XEDA:


  Strategic Position of Tianjin in China's Economic Development in 21st Century In 1980s, Shenzhen was the focus of attention; in 1990s, the focus of attention was shifted to Pudong New Area. Now in the 21st century, the Bohai Ring Area attracts global attention and is the focus of global investment and development. The XEDA is located at the heart of Bohai Ring Area. Thanks to its superior geological position, good industrial foundation, perfect infrastructure, safe investment environment and high-efficient investment return rate, the XEDA has become the hotspot of a new round of investment.


  The geological positin of XEDA in Tianjin City


  The XEDA is located at the hinterland of Tianjin Binhai New Area. Backed by wide open land, Tianjin Binhai New Area radiates 12 provinces in Northwest China, North China and Northeast China, it is the nearest starting point of the Euro-Asia Continental Bridge in the east.

  Detailed Drawing of Main Trunk Roads and Layout



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