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Business Planning
A perfect business plan is the key to a company's further development. FDI, staffed with a professional team, is able to assist propelling company's progress. FDI's services are investment planning, BOT project planning, business solution, more>>
11 07,2013 16:19
Tianjin Corporate Formation
China corporate formation: China company registration includes Tianjin company registration,Beijing company registration, Heibei Province company registration, Fujian Province company registration, and so forth. The China business setup cou more>>
11 06,2013 10:57
Company Renewal Service
1. Annual return: Annual returns to the company registries forTianjin, China, offshore and overseas companies. 2. Tax return: Tax return to the tax departments is mandatory for any companies registered. Tannet can do any tax return annually more>>
11 05,2013 11:23
Financial & Tax Service
Tax, as an important issue of each company, should be operated well and carefully. FDI can provide clients with accounting and tax services: 1. Monthly Bookkeeping Service: 2. Annual Auditing or internal auditing service: auditing, 3. Finan more>>
11 04,2013 11:28
Information Technology Service
In this information era, website has an irreplaceable position to companies' development.FDI with a professional IT team, can give all services about Internet, including website design and building, business to business (B2B) trading, b more>>
11 03,2013 11:30
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