Renew L Visa/ Tourist Visa in Tianjin China
  • Date:11 08,2013 14:30

Tourism Visa (L): Issued to those who enter China temporarily for leisure, family visiting or other personal affairs (multiple-entry is not granted for this category with an options of up to two entries).

L visa in China

If you enter into China on a tourist “L” visa with intent to stay beyond the validity period specified on the current visa, can assists you to extend your current “L” visa. You can re-apply for a one month zero-entry or single-entry L visa for a maximum of two times per entry into China.

Documents required:

Passport with valid L visa

4-inch White-background photos.

Registration Form of Temporary Residence.

Health Check Certificate.

Processing time: 7 business days, in case of all materials for application is provided  completely.

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