Top 2. Jinmenguli (津门故里)
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Jinmen Guli (jīn mén gù lǐ 津门故里) means old place in Tianjin for the reason that Jinmen is another name for Tianjin and Guli implies old place. Actually Jinmen Guli is a street, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street (gǔ wén huà jiē 古文化街), located in Nankai District (nán kāi qū 南开区) of Tianjin. There are many stores along this street dealing in jade articles, antiques, traditional handicrafts, especially famous Niren Zhang (ní rén zhāng 泥人张) painted sculptures and Weiji (wèi jì 魏记) kites. Covering an area of 224,200 sq meters, it used to be one of earliest water transport docklands in Tianjin. The whole block is still conserved the existing urban pattern and tissue of traditional Chinese layout. Now the new planning and design for the Street had paid more attention to the waterfront and connecting with surrounding around, especially the Old City in the west. The Tianhou Temple (tiān hòu gōng 天后宫) in this area is very famous .

Tianhou Temple

In the center is a square and on its western side stands the Palace of the Heavenly Goddess. The temple was built in 1326 and dedicated to Tianhou, the patroness of seafarers. Today it houses an ethnographic collection.On the eastern side of the square, opposite the temple entrance, you can see above the gate the theatrical stage belonging to the temple.

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