Natural Resources of Tianjin
  • Date:11 07,2013 10:01

Tianjin enjoys a rich supply of natural resources including soil, petroleum, gas, sea salt, minerals and geothermal resources.

Soil resources: Tianjin 7,169.9 square kilometers of land for agricultural use, accounting for 60.2 percent of the total land area of Tianjin, 4,497.3 square kilometers is arable land. In Tianjin Binhai New Area, there is about 1,200 square kilometers of fertile land and mudflats.

Oil and gas resources: Bohai and Dagang Oilfield are key oil and gas fields in China, with a proven reserve of 4 billion tons of petroleum. The oil fields cover an area of more than 100 square kilometers and their annual output of natural crude oil reached 33.3273 million tons in 2010.The proven geological reserves of natural gas is more than 150 billion cubic meters. In 2010, the annual output of natural gas reached 1.719 billion cubic meters.

Sea salt resources: Changlu Salt Field, the most famous sea salt production base in China, is located in Tianjin. In 2010, this salt field turned around 2.076 million tons of crude salt.

Minerals resources: There are over 20 kinds of metallic minerals, including jimboite, manganese, gold, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, zinc, iron, etc. Non-metallic minerals include cement limestone, barite, stacked stone, marble, natural stone, purple clay, medical stone, etc. They all have high exploitation values.

Geothermal Resources: Ten zones with geothermal resources have been discovered, with a total area of 2,434 square kilometers; the water temperature ranges from 30°C—90°C.

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