Projects Wanting Foreign Investment
  • Date:11 20,2013 14:51

1. Municipal infrastructure construction projects involving communication, energy and environmental protection.

2. Industrial products demanded in domestic and international markets that are pollution-free, with low energy consumption and high profit and added value, as well as that of high technology concentration.

3. Technical renovation of old industrial enterprises.

4. New and high technological industrial projects needed in domestic and world markets.

5. The planting and breeding projects of quality agricultural and sideline products and reprocessing projects of agricultural and sideline products greatly needed in the market.

6. Those projects that meet the need of the world market, and can help promote the grade of products, expand export and increase foreign exchange earnings.

7. Projects of development of marine oil and petrochemical industry.

8. Real estate and properties project that is in conformity with the general planning of the city, and that will be gearing up to the needs of the city constructions, the removal and demolishment of city's dangerous and makeshift houses, and the relocation of the city's existing old enterprises.

9. Project of renovation and reconstruction of residential houses and dangerous houses.

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