Key industries for foreign investment encouraged by the government
  • Date:11 20,2013 14:53

Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery:

1. Production of quality agricultural and sideline products;2. Production of quality fresh and dried fruits;3. Intensive processing of agricultural and sideline products;4. Export of agricultural and sideline products;5. Development of pollution-free green food;6. Fresh preservation technology for vegetables, fruits, meat and flowers;7. Breeding and processing of aquatic products.


1. Automobile industry;2. Electronics industry;3. Machinery and electric equipment industry;4. Marine oil and petrochemical industry;5. New type building material industry;6. Light industry;7. Food industry;8. Medicines and medical apparatus making industry.

Urban infrastructures:

1. Construction and operation of local expressways;2. Construction and operation of city metro;3. Treatment of wastewater and other wastes;4. Construction and operation of railway stations.

Tertiary industry:

1. Manufacture of tourist commodities;2. Construction of commercial facilities;3. Renovation and reconstruction of dangerous and old buildings and development of residential houses;4. Development of scenic spots and tourist facilities;5. Consultancy for economic and scientific and technological information.

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