Tianjin to boost Binhai New Area with financial and tax meas
  • Date:11 08,2013 16:55

Recently the financial and tax departments of Tianjin confirmed and studied four imperatives of the financial and tax systems today and tomorrow according to the actual situation and in the spirit of the Ninth Party Congress of Tianjin.

Continuously improve the financial system and financial and tax policies, vigorously support development of Binhai New Area. Centering on boosting the comprehensive support system reform of Binhai New Area, efforts shall be made to carry through the preferential financial and tax policies, give a full play to the driving force of dedicated building fund and enhance the industrial structure adjustment and infrastructure building of Binhai New Area. Deepen the financial and tax system reform, further streamline the benefit distribution relationship between the municipality and New Area, different administrative departments and functional departments in the New Area, create a favorable environment to speed up economic development with sound systems and polices. Adopt preferential financial and tax policies enhancing high-tech enterprise development, support development of high-tech industry, high-end service technologies and modern logistics and optimize and lift the industrial structure of Binhai New Area.

Increase revenue with all means. Vigorously protect and foster financial and tax sources, constantly foster new growth points, establish a financial revenue boosting system compatible with the economic development, increase gross revenue, especially local gross revenue and ensure fulfillment of the gross revenue object 200 billion yuan. Significantly increase the discount sum for the technical reform in the fiscal budget, vigorously support structure adjustment and growth means transformation, enhance implementation of strategies of boosting development with high-tech industry as the leading force and influence of large enterprise groups and brands, expedite east-ward shift of industries and building of advanced manufacturing base, encourage energy saving practice and environment protection and strengthen stability and continuity of the financial revenue. Further improve the modern service industry, speed up development of the financial and tax preferential policies, give vigorous support to the finance, insurance, agency, logistics and service outsourcing, increase contribution rate of the tertiary industry. Establish and improve the interaction systems of tax economic analysis, enterprise rate-paying assessment, tax source monitor and tax checking by means of modern information technology to effectively block the management holes and ensure tax collection.

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