Main Functions of Tianjin City Administration for Industry & Commerce
  • Date:11 08,2013 16:18

I. Implement national principles, policies, laws and regulations concerning administration for industry and commerce; research and draft relevant local regulations, stipulations and policies and organize to implement.

II. Manage industrial and commercial enterprises in the whole city, and undertake the registration work of work units and individuals engaged in the production and business activities, check and issue relevant licenses, confirm the enterprise legal person qualifications or business status according to law and supervise and manage the registered matters according to law.

III. Organize to supervise and inspection the transaction activities of market main body, investigate monopoly, unfair competition, smuggling and other market transaction cases in violation of relevant laws and regulations; organize the municipal market supervision and administrative law enforcement activities according to law or with the authorization of municipal government.

IV. Safeguard the legal rights and interests of consumers and organize to investigate cases infringing upon consumers' legal rights and interests; organize to investigate the fake sales and counterfeit products in the market business activities.

V. Organize and implement the standard management and supervision of various market business orders.

VI. Supervise and manage the individual business households, individual partnerships and private enterprises according to law and regulate their business conducts; undertake the daily work of office for individual private economic leadership group.

VII. Investigate trademark infringement conduct and protect the exclusive right of registered trademark; determine and recommend well-known trademarks; supervise and manage the trademark printing, fabrication and use.

VIII. Supervise and manage the advertisement publication and business activities and investigate conducts that have violated relevant laws and regulations.

IX. Organize and implement the administrative supervision and management to the economic contracts and investigate illegal conducts by taking advantage of contracts.

X. Organize and manage the chattel mortgaged goods registration and participate in the supervision and management of auction conducts.

XI. Organize and manage brokers and broking institutions.

XII. Lead and manage the branch administrations for industry & commerce in various districts and counties; guide the business of various social groups such as Municipal Consumers' Association and Municipal Individual Laborers Association, Municipal Private Enterprises Association, Municipal Advertising Association and Municipal Management Association for Iindustry & Ccommerce.

XIII. Undertake other matters entrusted by Tianjin Municipal Party's Committee and Tianjin Municipal Government.

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